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The Foundation Bible School is a series of bible classes designed to build you up for a successful Christian life.

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Mission Statement

To provide personal mentoring and partnership opportunities for selected individuals committed to personal development training in character…


To produce quality leaders with personal integrity, strong character; who are principle centred and spiritually grounded.


To be a well equipped and resourced organisation, reaching out to poor communities through the love of Christ and developing…

OVERVIEW: Embassy Bible College

Embassy Bible College is not a church or denomination, but serves as a Community educational and Resource Centre, a charismatic Outreach Centre. Foundation Bible School was established in 2017 to assist Kingdom Family Embassy Church in fulfilling the mission, purposes, and goals of KFEC in fellowship.

The Embassy Bible College is a series of bible classes designed by Rev. Andre Willemse the Sentral Karoo renowned pastor and bible teacher, to build you up for a successful Christian life and to deliver to you all that God has made available for you in Christ Jesus.


1. To meet monthly for personal interaction, discussion, relationship, development, subject lessons, exchange and fellowship.


1. To select individuals through screening processes and application completion.
2. To schedule meetings for the year.


1. To participate in a personal mentoring programme with Directors; Leaders & Associates.
2. To develop mature leadership character in…

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